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By Reep Family Dental
February 23, 2016
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Maybe you woke up this morning with a throbbing toothache, or maybe you went in for a routine dental appointment, only to be told you have a tooth that needs some work.

The words “root canal” may cause a little worry. A number of questions may pop up in your mind – how long does it take, what is Root Canalinvolved and is it expensive? But the big question one should ask is this: how can root canal therapy help me?

If you live in the Yakima, Washington area, the staff at Reep Family Dental and Sleep Solutions might be a good resource to help you find answers to that question.

The truth is, depending on your situation, root canal therapy can help significantly. Contrary to the usual jokes and horror stories, the procedure is safe, reliable, relatively quick, long-lasting, and painless.

Why do I need a root canal?

To better understand root canal therapy, it helps to understand the anatomy of a tooth. According to the American Association of Endodontists, what you see in the mirror when you smile – your “pearly whites” – is the outer hard cover enamel layer of each of your teeth. Inside each tooth, under the enamel and another hard layer called the dentin is a soft tissue called the pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. That pulp helps grow the root of your tooth during its development.

In a fully developed tooth, the tooth can survive without the pulp because the tooth continues to be nourished by the tissues surrounding it. When that pulp becomes inflamed or worse, infected, an endodontist can treat it by removing the infected or inflamed pulp, disinfecting the inside of the tooth, and replacing the pulp with a substance similar to what your dentist would use for fillings. The tooth can then be recovered with a crown. While your dentist will walk you through the particulars, generally, the procedure can be done in one or two visits.

The important thing to remember is the result is going to be a repaired tooth that is strong, natural looking, and can last as long as the rest of your teeth. If you are in the Yakima, Washington area, and you are seeking information about root canals, or you need a qualified dentist to help you with such a decision, consider contacting Reep Family Dental and Dental Sleep Solutions. For more information call 509-248-0896 or visit the website at www.reepfamilydental.com.

By Reep Family Dental
February 11, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: flossing  

Why Do I Need to Floss? Flossing can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

So, what’s the big deal about flossing? You brush your teeth, isn’t that enough? The short answer is no, brushing only cleans part of flossingyour teeth; a toothbrush will never be able to clean in between your teeth. Often, that’s where a cavity will start. Your dentist, Dr. Nic Reep in Yakima, Washington wants you to know why flossing is so important to the health of your teeth and gums.

When you eat food, the hidden sugars in food combine with the normal bacteria in your mouth to form an acid. This acid is strong enough to eat through your tooth enamel. After the acid has eaten through your enamel, which is the hardest substance in your body, it will eat through the dentin underneath. That’s when you have a cavity that needs to be filled. If you let things go, the acid will eat through to the pulp and then you need a root canal. If you floss daily, you can prevent the formation of acid which causes the decay. You can stop decay in its tracks!

Dr. Reep wants you to know it isn’t just your teeth that benefit from flossing. It’s also your gums. If you don’t floss, bacteria-laden plaque builds up between your teeth. If the plaque and bacteria are left alone, toxins will form which start infecting your gums. Your gum inflammation can destroy the soft and hard tissue that holds your teeth in place. Pretty soon, that tiny crevice you should have been flossing has turned into a deep pocket, almost impossible for you to clean. You now have periodontal disease.

Don’t wait to start flossing. You can keep your teeth and gums healthy so that you can avoid:

  • Bacterial acid causing decay in between your teeth
  • Deep decay turning into the need for a root canal or extraction
  • Plaque in between your teeth turning into gum inflammation
  • Gum inflammation resulting in periodontal disease

Flossing is an important way to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but you need to see your dentist regularly too. Don’t procrastinate! Make an appointment with Dr. Nic Reep in Yakima, Washington. He will help you protect your teeth and gums. Call him today and find out more about what he can do for you!

By Reep Family Dental
December 24, 2015
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Tags: sleep apnea  

Sometimes, excessive snoring can mean more than just a complaining significant other. It could be the sign of a serious, life-threatening medical condition called sleep apnea. Your Yakima, WA dentist at Reep Family Dental can help you determine if sleep apnea is affecting your life, and how to treat it.

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea? 
Sleep apnea can be a very serious condition. Though the only real way to diagnose sleep apnea is with a sleep sleep apnea study, it is important to be aware of the symptoms. Often, your bed partner notices some of these symptoms before you do. They include:

  • loud, excessive snoring
  • gasping for breath during sleep
  • pauses in breath during sleep
  • choking during sleep
  • excessive sleepiness during waking hours
  • morning headaches

Am I at risk for sleep apnea? 
Men are more likely than women to suffer from sleep apnea. Of all the cases of obstructive sleep apnea, half the people diagnosed are overweight. Risk increases as you age though the condition can occur at any age. The risk of sleep apnea also increases in people with high blood pressure.

How is sleep apnea treated? 
Sleep apnea treatment aims to restore normal breathing patterns and help stop snoring and gasping during sleep. In mild cases of sleep apnea, simple lifestyle changes like losing weight or using new sleeping positions can relieve symptoms. Avoid alcohol and medications that make you overly tired. In more severe cases, your dentist may prescribe oral appliances which are worn at night. These appliances open the airway and allow normal breathing. Breathing devices like a CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, regulate the air pressure in your throat. This keeps your airway open and prevents apneas from occurring.

Dr. Nic Reep, DDS at Reep Family Dental in Yakima, WA can help with the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. For more information, call (509)-248-0986 to schedule your appointment today.

By Reep Family Dental
July 30, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Sedation Dentistry  

Find out how your next trip to the Yakima, WA dentist could be anxiety-free.

Do you suffer from dental anxiety that keeps you from seeing your Yakima, WA dentist Dr. Nic Reep as often as you should? Your oral Sedation Dentistryhealth is important, and no matter how well you brush and floss your teeth it will never replace professional dental cleanings and exams. Luckily, conscious sedation makes it easier for you to get the dental care you deserve without all the stress.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation uses different medications to help a nervous patient relax during their dental procedure. Many times conscious sedation comes in the form of an anti-anxiety medication like Valium or Xanax.

What should I expect when I get conscious sedation?

When you come in for your next dental treatment your Yakima, WA dentist will administer your conscious sedation. The medication is sometimes administered intravenously through an IV or a shot. With this method, you may experience drowsiness and relax very quickly. If the sedation is given orally, you won’t feel the effects for about 30 to 60 minutes.

We will monitor both your heart rate and blood pressure during your procedure, as both will drop a little after conscious sedation is administered. You may become so drowsy that you fall asleep, but you can easily be awakened by your Yakima, WA dentist with a gentle shake. You will also be able to respond to verbal cues we may give you during your procedure. Some patients won’t even remember their dental procedure under conscious sedation.

Furthermore, conscious sedation tends to be a great option for those with dental fears and phobias, because they can experience a stress-free and relaxing dental procedure while also being able to return to many of their daily activities soon afterwards.

Is conscious sedation right for me?

If you experience dental fears that are strong enough to keep you from seeing your Yakima, WA dentist then it might be time to ask us about how conscious sedation could help. Keep in mind that conscious sedation is not for everyone. Please let your Yakima dentist know about any medications or supplements you are taking beforehand. Also, women who are pregnant should also avoid conscious sedation.

Does conscious sedation sound like the right option for you? Then find out more today by calling your Yakima, WA dentist. Schedule your next visit with Reep Family Dental and experience the difference of a stress-free dental visit.

By Reep Family Dental
May 28, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Vegetables  

Springtime is here, and it's time to hit the local farmer's markets and greengrocers for fresh, healthy and vitamin-packed vegetables. Not only are spring veggies good for your waistline and digestive tract because of their low calories, high fiber and water content, vegetables are also great for your teeth! They come recommended by dentists such as Nic Reep DDS, serving the Yakima, Washington area. It's their tooth-Vegetablesfriendly properties that make spring vegetables a must for optimum oral health.

Gradually substitute old habits with tooth-friendly good ones.

With the sense of renewal springtime brings, take small steps toward renewed dental health by substituting sugary, calorie-laden snacks with tasty vegetables. For instance, did you know that 2 cups of fresh cherry tomatoes has the same calorie count as a doughnut from the local bakery? It's true, and beyond that, the cherry tomatoes are loaded with Vitamin C, a great promoter of healthy gum tissue. The doughnut, on the other hand, promotes tooth decay.

In addition, spring vegetables have a firm, fibrous texture. Consider adding these vegetables to your diet:

  • green peppers
  • cucumbers
  • raw carrots
  • celery
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli

These high fiber choices stimulate saliva production to wash food particles off teeth. They also provide excellent biting and chewing exercise which stimulates jaw bone growth, especially in the alveolar ridge which anchors tooth roots. Fibrous veggies scrape plaque and tartar off teeth and away from the gum line. Less accumulated plaque and tartar mean fewer cavities and healthier gums.

Veggies provide excellent nutrition for your teeth and gums.

The 2010 Journal of Dental Research states that onions provide great antibacterial properties, advantageous to combating the oral bacteria which attack tooth enamel and gums with cavities and periodontal or gum disease. Additionally, dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale are rich in calcium, a nutrient both old and young need for sturdy bones and hard tooth enamel.

Consider, too, that nutrients remain when vegetables are juiced. Vegetable juice is an outstanding, calorie sparing substitute for sports drinks and soda pop.

Reep Family Dental wants to encourage dental wellness and whole body health.

Nic Reep DDS believes in patient education, including helping people make good nutritional choices. When people are well informed on the things which promote their dental health, it's a win-win situation for both dentist and patient.

If you would like to learn more about the interplay between your mouth and what you put into it, contact Reep Family Dental for an appointment. You can have your teeth cleaned and examined in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and also discuss with Dr. Reep the lifestyle habits that promote an attractive smile that will last a lifetime.

Call (509) 594-4437 for an appointment.

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